Use this page to reply quickly and easily to the Bass Fisheries Management Plan consultation (deadline 11.59pm this Sunday 1 October 2023). Your response will be sent to: the consultation team, your MP, all relevant fisheries managers and us.

Insert your postcode below to find your MP and then press the “Email your MP” button. Don’t forget to include your name and address so your MP can see you live in his/her constituency and ask your MP to ask the Fisheries Minister to reply to your concerns.

The Bass consultation documents are long and complex, so to cut through that we recommend you reply making just two key points:

  1. The highest priority should be adopting a new, higher stock level target, instead of killing the maximum number of bass possible over the long term.
  2. the overriding vision should be to “Maximise benefits for coastal communities from a sustainable bass fishery” and all decisions in the bass fishery should be aimed at delivering this vision. Don’t leave it as a subsidiary goal that can be kicked down the road and ignored.

You email software isn’t loading the emails?

If your email software won’t load the email addresses, please copy your MP’s address and paste it from this webpage. Then copy and paste these fishery manager email addresses into your email’s “CC” address line:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,